New dates for the GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training Course 18.2.- 23.2. & 15.4.- 20.4. 2019

Upon individual agreement, the course can be divided into two weekends Friday-Sunday.

Pre-Training is not only intended for the upcoming Gyrotonic method instructors. If you feel unwell, you have back pain or other problems caused by, for example, sedentary occupation, and you want to wake your own body. Gyrotonic Pre-Training is the perfect choice. Six days five hours a day or two consecutive weekends with an individual instructor approach in a maximum of two clients. Gyrotonic® is a comprehensive exercise system that simultaneously mobilizes, stretches, strengthens the whole body, corrects posture, works with breath, and promotes natural body detoxification and awareness of the right movement patterns.

At the beginning of the course, we will clarify your intention is to become a certified instructor and after the Pre-Training course you will continue training with a Master Instructor in related courses, Foundation, Supervision and Certification, or you are coming with a specific intention to change something in your posture or just improve your overall physical condition through intense exercise.

Registration form and all other information you’ll find at Gyrotonic®Teacher Traning

For more information contact me by phone 00420 777 666 922,